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Jojoba Seed Oil is obtained in the form of a liquid wax which is extracted from the nut of a shrub known as Simmondsia Chinensis. This is an indigenous American shrub that grows in the wild jungles of United states, especially in arid regions of Southwestern states.

This oils have been used for centuries by the native American tribes and it was commonly called as ‘Hohowi’, the O’odham name for the nut. This was used as an ingredient that promoted benefits towards skin and hair care.

Jojoba Seed Oil

There are various other leaves and nuts that are procured from the wild. They also consist of skin care and hair care properties and these are mainly deer nut, goat nut, pig nut, etc. However, the wax that is derived from Jojoba Seed Oil makes up to nearly 50% of the nut that is generally indigestible. It goes through an unchanged digestive tract of various mammals inclusive of human beings thus making this an edible oil and an effective laxative which helps to keep the system well cleansed.

What Are Jojoba Seed Oil Properties?

Jojoba Seed Oil consists of unique properties vis-à-vis other vegetable oils. It is very similar to sebum which is a waxy component produced within the skin tissues. It acts as a natural skin conditioner. Therefore, Jojoba Seed Oil just like the sebum keeps the skin moisturized and well nourished by enhancing the hydration levels of the skin. This waxy oil is gaining popularity and in high demand in the beauty industry such that it has replaced animal fats which are used in various skin care products. This oil is also popularly in use for various cosmetic preparations.

This is also a common ingredient that contains a nutty smell and is clear golden in color. It can be obtained in raw form but it goes through a refined process and thereafter is completely odorless. Perfume industries do not make use of this as an ingredient but are more in demand by cosmetic, skin care and medicine industry. This is a well-researched ingredient that proves to be a good carrier for several essential oils.

Jojoba Seed Oil Benefits

What Are Jojoba Seed Oil Benefits?

Jojoba Seed Oil has a low melting point. Therefore, it is always found in a liquid state at all times and can put to use directly without the ingredient going through a dilation process. Also since it is in a wax form, it does not have an extreme greasy feel like various other oils. Below mentioned are some very efficient reasons to make use of this versatile healing oil:

  • Provides skin moisture
  • Controls an oily skin
  • Helps to prevent acne formation
  • Works well to improve chapped lips issue
  • Made use for dry cuticles
  • Improves cracked feet and dry hands issues
  • Medicinal properties to improve eczema and psoriasis issue
  • Minimizes the effects of sunburn on the skin
  • Helps to prevent hair loss
  • Controls the dry and frizzy hair

Thus due to the immense benefits of Jojoba Seed Oil, the skin care industry makes use of this as an ingredient in various skin creams. DermaClear is an effective skin tag and mole remover that makes use of Jojoba Seed Oil as one of its vital ingredients. It helps to eliminate skin tags and get the skin smooth and clear.

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More On DermaClear Ingredient Jojoba Seed Oil
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